Weather or not, pointSIX revolutionizes flooring.

  • Patented tapered-edge technology that reduces edge swell
  • Reduces the need for sanding
  • No warping, sagging or cupping
  • Consistent from panel to panel—no voids or knotholes
  • Ainsworth quality program is audited by APA


It’s a profitable combination: a strong tight floor that is easy to install, requires no sanding and is guaranteed against delamination for 25 years. Those are some of the advantages of our new pointSIX Flooring—but there are more.

For one, pointSIX features a patented tapered-edge technology that’s been proven in extensive flood testing to out-perform other flooring products when it comes to combating edge swell.

In addition, its precise tongue-and-groove profile makes for a strong, stiff, engineered floor that goes down flat and straight and takes nails and screws easily.

Best of all, although pointSIX adds immeasurable value in terms of performance, it costs no more than comparable Sturdi-I-Floor® products.

Cost more? No. Work better? Yes. End of story.

Sturdi-I-Floor® is a registered trademark of APA.


Discover how a small taper on our new pointSIX Flooring panels can make a big difference when it comes to sales.

That’s because Ainsworth’s new tapered-edge technology has been proven in extensive 14-day flood tests to hold the line on edge swell, outperforming competitive flooring two-to-one.

For builders, pointSIX completely eliminates the hassle and expense of sanding. For homeowners, it yields a strong, stiff engineered floor that feels solid underfoot—a true mark of quality. And for dealers—fewer returns, happier customers, increased sales.

It’s a win-win all around.

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Ainsworth’s innovative tapered-edge technology is new, but it’s backed by over five years of research, development and testing. One rigorous test involved flooding pointSIX floor panels with water for 14 days, simulating severe wet jobsite conditions. The result: after two weeks of flooding pointSIX Flooring dried out firm and flat, successfully containing edge swell to just 0.01 inches—not much more than a sheet of paper.

So not only does it offer builders superlative confidence against edge swell, it’s easy to install too, thanks to a precise tongue-and-groove profile that goes down flat and takes nails and screws easily.

For homebuyers, pointSIX yields a strong, stiff engineered floor that feels solid underfoot—a true mark of quality. And it’s backed by a 25-year delamination warranty.

Specify the turquoise-edge flooring that scores big points with builders and homeowners alike, pointSIX.