For wall and roof sheathing, trust the Turquoise®.

When you see the distinctive Ainsworth Turquoise® and Purple® edge seals, you can have confidence that you’re building with quality. AinsworthEngineered means higher quality, superior fit and finish, fewer rejects and less waste. And it means a family of building products that are designed and manufactured by people who understand construction.

Our attention to your needs extends to the little details—like pre-marked nailing lines that make nailing faster and more accurate. And the big things, like our responsibility to deliver when promised. Choose our APA Quality Assured, PRS grade sheathing for walls and roofing, or our tongue and groove Sturd-I-floor.

You can have confidence in Ainsworth quality and in our commitment to stand behind our products. AinsworthEngineered wood products are manufactured in a number of North American mills, with wood sourced from sustainably managed North American forestlands.

AinsworthEngineered. People who’ve used it, trust it.